ZK Proofs Types




Setup Requirement

Trusted Setup

No Trusted Setup

No Trusted Setup

Proof Size

Very Small

Larger than SNARKs

Smaller than STARKs, larger than SNARKs

Computation Time

Very Fast


Slower than SNARKs and STARKs

Quantum Resistance




Trust Assumptions








Use Cases

Private transactions, Blockchain scalability

Private transactions, Quantum-resistant applications

Confidential transactions, Range proofs

ZK-SNARKs | Efficiency Meets Blockchain

Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge (ZK-SNARKs) is a breakthrough in the realm of privacy-focused computations. Renowned for its efficiency and compact proof sizes, ZK-SNARKs have become a cornerstone in blockchain applications, such as Zcash. The key feature? They require a trusted setup, which while facilitating their efficiency, introduces a unique consideration in their deployment. This makes ZK-SNARKs a go-to choice for scenarios prioritizing swift and space-efficient cryptographic proofs.

ZK-STARKs | The Future-Proof Solution

Enter Zero-Knowledge Scalable Transparent Argument of Knowledge (ZK-STARKs). Building upon the foundations laid by SNARKs, STARKs eliminate the need for a trusted setup. This not only enhances their transparency but also arms them against quantum attacks, offering a quantum-resistant shield. The lack of a trusted setup, coupled with their scalability, positions ZK-STARKs as a robust option for applications that demand enhanced security measures in the face of evolving technological landscapes.

Bulletproofs | Versatility in Batching

Bulletproofs are a distinct variant in the zero-knowledge proof arena. Their most notable feature? The ability to efficiently handle multiple proofs in a single batch. This makes them exceptionally potent in scenarios where batching is prevalent. While they forgo the need for a trusted setup, akin to ZK-STARKs, they do come with a trade-off: larger proof sizes and longer verification times compared to ZK-SNARKs. However, their versatility makes them a suitable choice for a range of applications that balance proof size and verification speed with the convenience of not requiring a trusted setup.

Each of these ZK-proof types embodies a unique approach to achieving zero-knowledge, striking different balances in computational efficiency, proof size, and security assumptions. This diversity makes them apt for a wide array of applications in digital privacy and secure communication, ensuring that every need finds its match in the world of ZK-proofs. Explore more about these technologies in the Mazze Docs.

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