Why a New Blockchain?

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We, how we are calling now, the Mazze team, felt a compelling need to introduce a fresh perspective in this domain. Our extensive background in blockchain technology has equipped us with a unique understanding of its potential and limitations. Dissatisfied with the operational dynamics of previous blockchain projects we've been involved with, we embarked on creating a new blockchain - one that's rapid, robust, stable, and secure, without relying on millions in venture capital or other private investments.

Our vision for Mazze is to demonstrate that a blockchain project can thrive independently, free from the influence of private investors. This autonomy allows us to innovate and execute our ideas more freely, setting a precedent for a successful, investor-independent blockchain project.

Choosing Proof of Work (PoW) over Proof of Stake (PoS) was a strategic decision. We believe that PoW, which rewards miners for contributing computing power, offers a more reliable and equitable form of consensus than PoS, which favors those with larger stakes. This aligns with our mission of fostering a decentralized and community-oriented network.

Mazze isn't built from scratch but is a sophisticated amalgamation of various open-source elements, meticulously pieced together to form what Mazze is today. Our GitHub repository is open to the public, inviting the community to play an active role in the project's evolution. This approach has already sparked interest among developers from other blockchain projects who are keen on collaborating with us.

Our commitment is to create a community-driven project. We believe that the best innovations come from collective wisdom and diverse perspectives. Therefore, we're fostering an environment where the community's voice is not just heard but is a driving force behind our development.

As we advance, our focus remains on creating a blockchain that is not just a technological marvel, but one that aligns with the ethos of decentralization, community involvement, and transparency. At Mazze, we're not just building a blockchain; we're nurturing a movement that redefines the boundaries of blockchain technology.


  • Mazze Team Background | Extensive experience in blockchain, leading to a unique understanding of its potential and limitations.

  • New Blockchain Development | Created to be rapid, robust, stable, and secure without heavy reliance on venture capital or private investments.

  • Independent Vision | Mazze aims to show that blockchain projects can succeed independently, free from private investor influence.

  • Decision for PoW | Chose Proof of Work over Proof of Stake for a more reliable, equitable consensus that rewards community contributions, ensuring network security and decentralization.

  • Open Source Foundations | Mazze is built using a combination of various open-source elements, not from scratch.

  • Community Involvement | Public GitHub repository to encourage community participation in project development.

  • Collaboration and Growth | Interest from other blockchain project developers for collaboration.

  • Community-Driven Focus | Commitment to a project driven by collective wisdom and diverse perspectives.

  • Project Principles | Focused on decentralization, community involvement, and transparency, going beyond just technology to foster a movement in blockchain technology.

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