We are profEdwin and Equin0x, key members of Team Mazze - a coalition of visionary technologists. Alongside our colleagues, we're setting out to revolutionize the blockchain landscape with our groundbreaking ideas. Our team embodies innovation and a commitment to community-driven development, principles that are at the heart of our collaborative efforts.

Our Journey and Philosophy

Our story began as individuals within the blockchain sector, contributing to various projects and leveraging this revolutionary technology. Our paths merged at a conference, united by a shared perspective on the industry's pitfalls - overvaluation and development cost inflation, driven more by profit than by technological advancement. This realization sparked our collaboration and friendship, laying the foundation for the Mazze team.

Our Mission and Approach

With extensive experience in both the technical and managerial facets of crypto, we are now developing a new, self-sustaining blockchain network that prioritizes the community over private investors and VCs. Our project is designed with the everyday investor in mind, aiming to be as inclusive as possible.

For strategic and legal reasons, we maintain our anonymity. The complexities of blockchain creation, token issuance, and the sales process demand careful navigation of the evolving legal landscape. We anticipate revealing our identities and past achievements as the project solidifies and the regulatory environment becomes clearer.

An Invitation to Join the Movement

We are already in discussions with potential collaborators who share our vision of building not just a blockchain, but a movement that empowers its community. The Mazze team is dedicated to transparency, innovation, and the democratization of blockchain technology.

Join Us in the Revolution

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Together, we can create a future where technology benefits the many, not the few.

Welcome to Mazze!

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