Wrapped Token (ERC20)

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Initial Total Supply (ITS)


MAZZE Token Contract

Wrapped MAZZE Token's Utility (ERC20)

Facilitates Immediate Liquidity

Expansion via CEXs

Token Sale for Development Funding

Seamless Transition Post-Mainnet

Accessibility on DEXs

Supports Mazze's Market Stability

  1. Facilitates Immediate Liquidity | The wrapped MAZZE token, launched on an established blockchain, leverages the existing infrastructure to offer immediate liquidity, crucial for the token's early market presence.

  2. Token Sale for Development Funding | The token sale of wrapped MAZZE is instrumental in generating funds for Mazze’s development and operations. This phase is vital for community building and engaging early adopters.

  3. Accessibility on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) | Listing on DEXs like Uniswap enhances the token's accessibility, fostering liquidity and enabling decentralized price discovery.

  4. Expansion via Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) | By listing on CEXs, the wrapped MAZZE token reaches a wider investor base, adding liquidity and providing diverse trading options. This step is key to gaining mainstream market exposure.

  5. Seamless Transition Post-Mainnet | Post-mainnet, a Ethereum-Mazze bridge will be implemented, allowing the exchange of wrapped MAZZE tokens for native MAZZE tokens. This process is vital for a smooth transition for token holders.

  6. Supports Mazze's Market Stability | The multi-faceted approach to the wrapped MAZZE token ensures Mazze maintains a stable market presence during development, enhancing the token's long-term value and utility in the blockchain ecosystem.

For detailed insights on token distribution and deeper analysis, please visit the Tokenomics section.

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