Feedback and Reporting Issues

We value the feedback and insights from our community as they are essential in improving the Mazze Testnet. Whether it's a bug report or a suggestion for enhancing the network, here's how you can communicate with us.

How to Report Bugs or Issues

Encountering issues on the testnet can be frustrating, but reporting these issues helps us enhance the network's stability and functionality. Hereโ€™s how you can report problems effectively:

Step 1: Gather Information

Before reporting, please gather as much information as possible about the issue. This information should include:

  • Description of the issue

  • Steps to reproduce the problem

  • Screenshots or videos that might help illustrate the problem

  • Error messages and logs, if available

Step 2: Report on Discord

Visit our dedicated Discord server and navigate to the #testnet-feedback channel. Here, you can post your issue, providing the information you gathered. Our team monitors this channel closely and will respond as quickly as possible.

How to Provide Feedback

Your suggestions are crucial for the continuous improvement of the Mazze Testnet. Whether it's about the usability, features, or any other feedback, here's how you can share your thoughts:

Join Our Discord Community

  • Engage with us and other community members in the #testnet-feedback channel on our Discord server. This channel serves as a hub for testnet users to share their experiences and ideas.

  • When providing feedback, try to be as specific as possible about what you like, what you donโ€™t and how you think things could be improved.

What Happens After You Provide Feedback?

Once you post your feedback or report an issue, hereโ€™s what to expect:

  • Our team will acknowledge your input as soon as they review it. We appreciate every piece of feedback and take it seriously.

  • We may ask further questions to clarify your suggestions or the nature of the issue.

  • Based on the community's feedback, we will make updates and improvements. We also keep the community informed about what changes are being made and why.

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