Media Kit

Our brand is crafted with you in mind, designed for your use and enhancement. These guidelines provide an easy-to-follow structure for anyone leveraging the Self Chain brand in their projects.

Logotype Importance

Our logotype stands as the cornerstone of our visual identity, playing a crucial role in establishing brand recognition. To achieve this, it is imperative that the logo is consistently replicated across all mediums. Clarity and visibility are paramount; the logo must not be obscured by nearby elements and should always be surrounded by a sufficient area of clear space to ensure its prominence.

Please consider the following guidelines when utilizing the logo

  • Avoid cropping, rotating, or pairing the logo with different colors.

  • Do not reconstruct the logo with alternative typefaces.

  • Steer clear of adding shadows, transparencies, or any other effects.

  • Maintain the logo's original shape and proportions without alteration.

  • Ensure there is ample padding around the logo to preserve its integrity.


The MAZZE Token serves as an adaptable representation of the network for instances where the complete brand identity cannot be accommodated, or the square dimensions of the medium necessitate a more condensed form.

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